12th September 2011

"I am very pleased with the level of service that I have received from Plum which I would describe as professional, friendly and reliable.  I have recommended Plum to my friends"

Sarah, Atlantic Wharf.


" I have been using Plum weekly cleaning services for two years now and I am very happy with their relaible and conscientious service.  I look forward to coming home to a lovely clean and fresh smelling house every cleaning day .  Ps.  Michela is great at ironing and garage clear outs!"

Rebecca, Caversham Park, Penarth.


"I have been using Plum for 6 months or so and find the service exceptionally efficient and flexible.  What a time saver too! - now on my days off I can sat back and enjoy my tidy clean home instead of rushing around with a duster in my hand".

Sally, Dinas Powys 


"I have been a very happy customer of Plum for 2 years. Michela and her girls have
exceeded my expectations with their reliable, flexible and high quality service.
There's nothing quite like walking through the front door of my clean and sparkly
house on cleaning day! I would have no hesitation in recommending Plum to anyone"

Sam, Penarth


"I received a card about Plum’s services at a low point in my life when I was finding it difficult to keep my home clean and in order whilst pursuing a demanding full time job and taking care of my disabled and unwell husband.  The promises made seem too good to be true but I was swayed by the professional advertising and gave Michela a ring.  I was surprised by the cost quoted, having expected it to be dearer, but encouraged by the thought that the company would not only clean but take care of any random job that cropped up, so I thought I’d give them a try for a limited period.


From day one I have been impressed and relieved by all the services rendered.  All the staff are friendly, hard working, fast acting and totally considerate of my husband’s difficulties; even our dog appreciates the attention and care that the Plum’s staff give.  I now come home once a week to a calm, tidy and clean house, and on the occasions when I’ve been home during the weekly visit, I have experienced no disruption but a quiet, brisk and efficient presence; you could almost believe it happens by magic.


On one occasion I requested a carpet cleaning exercise and left the rest to Plum’s.  Not only did it happen promptly and discreetly, but the carpet was cleaned to a standard I have never witnessed before and looked like new, so I was reassured that Michela had first rate contacts.


All in all I not only have no complaints, but  would also recommend Plum’s without reservation.  I can’t imagine reverting to the old days of having to do it myself.  The informality but reliability of the service is admirable and second to none, and the limited arrangement I originally considered is now permanent."


Marilyn, Cornerswell Road, Penarth 


"Michela and her team provide a fantastic service, reliable, flexible and
professional at all times. It is great coming home to a sparkling clean
house and ironed shirts when my hands are otherwise full with two young
babies! They are willing to go that extra mile and anticipate your needs and
what type of assistance might be most helpful for you. I would thoroughly
recommend them for people who could do with some relief from their domestic
duties and more time for everything else in their life".

Philipa, Penarth.

"How did I manage before Plum? Truth be told, I didn't!  The girls from Plum
have been an amazing support to me since they started cleaning on a weekly
basis. With a child and a business the house work was always a low priority,
however an untidy house was also a drain on my energy too. They are prompt,
do a very good job, and are lovely people too. A few hours cleaning a week
is a well worth investment for me to have my sanity and a clean home too.
They are highly recommended".

Nadine, Penarth Marina. 


"I have been really pleased with Plum's efficiency and the standard of
the cleaning. The house always looks sparkling and I value the
flexibility of the service too. They are totally trustworthy and I
wouldn't hesitate to recommend then to anyone else".

Sarah, Westbourne Road, Penarth.


"I have been using Plum for a weekly clean since the summer of last year and  I am
pleased with the service from Michela and her girls. They are polite, professional,
reliable and trustworthy. I have no reservations in recommending Plum and in fact,
have already done so with my neighbours".

Sarah, Penarth Marina


More testimonials to come very soon!!!!!!! 



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