Lifestyle Support

Living in the UK is busy and stressful!

Do you find yourself constantly juggling daily tasks just to survive?

PLUM lifestyle support offer a bespoke service tailored to your every day needs letting you offload mundane tasks and get some of your well earned time back.

How it works: -
A consultation will be arranged with each customer to discuss your individual needs and how PLUM can help you. A bespoke PLUM service will then be created, and approved by you, giving that much missed leisure time back.

A to Z of Lifestyle Support Services:
After party clean
Birthday Cards (remind, buy, write, post)
Book tickets for cinema, music, sport venue, theatre, train, and plane.
Buy your time back
Carpet cleaning
Christmas (help with organisation)
Deliveries (accept on your behalf)
Drop off, collect items (eg dry cleaning, post, prescriptions, shopping)
E-mail arrangements
Everyday daily chores
Environmentally friendly cleaning products (where applicable)
Floor Polishing (organise)
Honest service
House move clean.
House sitting (preparation for your return home)
Juggling your daily chores
Keep in touch (with all my clients on a regular basis)
Local (prefer to buy or source products and services locally)
New Baby (prepare home for new arrival)
New build clean
One off cleans
Oven Clean
Pre tenancy clean up
Pet feeding
Post tenancy clean up
Quality service
Reliable staff

Shopping collection
Spring clean
Tradesman (source, oversee work performed)
Trustworthy staff
Wait for deliveries
Window clean
Window clean (organise external clean)
Your precious time back
Zzzzzz time (plenty of it for you)

This is not an exhaustive list; the service is flexible and tailored to your individual needs.